First day

The first day of preschool can be very daunting for parents and children, to help we have this check list to make sure your all ready.

Your bag

Should have at least 1 set of spare clothes (we like messy and wet play here) including spare underwear (just in case of little accidents), trousers, socks and a T-shirt. Nappies & wipes (if not yet potty trained) a small towel (no larger than a face cloth). Sun cream & Sun hat, in the summer and a warm hat and gloves in the winter – please make sure all items are labelled.
Trainers, doodles or plimsolls are great for preschool. Please make sure these are either Velcro fastening or slip on. If it is a wet day, then wellies will be essential as we will still go outside to play. We encourage children to have different indoor and outdoor shoes and to change them accordingly to encourage independence.

Lunch club

If your child is staying for lunch club, then please put their lunch bag (with their name on it) on the designated trolley. We are a nut free setting and do not allow any chocolate or items containing chocolate, sweets, energy or fizzy drinks, in lunch bags. If included, they will be removed and returned at the end of the session.

What do I do when we arrive

Wait by the locked gate, a member of staff will let you in but not before the start of the session as we are getting ready.
Hang your coats and bags at the back of the room and find the towel peg with your child’s name on it. Please change your child into their indoor shoes as we must wait for all parents/carers to leave before they are allowed in the garden.
You should then encourage your child to find their name for registration and collect a numicon card. At this point you are thinking about leaving Don’t be surprised if there are tears and clinging on to your leg, this is perfectly normal. You can make the decision to try and settle your child and then leave. Or we are happy to take over and distract your child and encourage them to wave goodbye.

What next

After a few hours of fun, you will arrive to collect your child, we ask that parents wait by the locked gate area. Mainly because the children can see you through the windows and at chair time we are usually having stories or songs and parents waving is a great distraction even if it isn’t your mummy.
We do encourage the children to remain seated at collection time so that we can avoid chaos of them running out the door. We like a nice orderly collection routine. Children’s coats, shoes, and lunch bags should be under their chairs along with their reading book, any creations, and letters.

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