First day

The first day of preschool can be very daunting for parents and children, to help we have created this
information sheet to make sure you and your child are prepared.

Your bag
Should have at least 1 set of spare clothes (we like messy and wet play here) including spare underwear (just in case of little accidents), trousers, socks and a T-shirt. Nappies & wipes (if not yet toilet trained) a small towel (no
larger than a face cloth). Sun cream & Sun hat, in the summer and a warm hat and gloves in the winter. Trainers, plimsolls or slippers are great for indoors at preschool. Please make sure these are either Velcro fastening or slip on. In the winter, wellies will be essential as we will still go outside to play and our garden gets wet and muddy. We encourage children to have different indoor and outdoor shoes and to change them accordingly to encourage independence. Please make sure all items are labelled.

Lunch club
Currently we do not offer hot meals and you have to provide your child with a lunch box.
If your child is staying for lunch club, then please put their lunch bag (with their name on it) on the designated trolley. We are a nut free setting and do not allow any chocolate or items containing chocolate, sweets, energy or fizzy drinks, in lunch bags. If included, they will be removed and returned at the end of the session.
Lunch Club is an activity, staff sit with the children and eat with them, modelling good manners and behaviour at the table, engaging in some lovely in depth conversations.

Lunch Club Charges
If added to an am session, the current charge is £1.50 (12:00-12:45)
If attending all day session, the current charge is £1
Lunch club is invoiced along with any other session fees that may be due.

Uniform can be purchased but isn’t compulsory, we keep stock in preschool. We try to keep the uniform as cheap as possible to make it affordable as it will get messy!
A price list is available in your parent pack or ask a member of staff for further details.

What do I do when we arrive
Wait by the locked gate, a member of staff will let you in but not before the start of the session as we are getting the setting ready for the children.

9am start
Hang coats and bags at the back of the room and hang towel on your childs designated towel peg. Please change your child into their indoor shoes as we wait for all parents/carers to leave before we access the garden.

You should then encourage your child to find their name for registration and collect a numicon card. At this point you are thinking about leaving, there maybe tears or clinging to your leg, or your child could be straight off to play.
Depending on your child, its your decision on whether to leave and wave goodbye, stay and settle your child or if you would like a staff member to distract your child for you.

12pm start
Hang coats and bags at the back of the room and hang towel on your child’s designated towel peg. Please change your child into their indoor shoes.
Encourage your children to use the toilet (if applicable) and wash their hands. Your child will then need to find their name at a lunch table and starting eating their lunch.
Staff will be around to assist you, if you are unsure please ask.

What next
After a few hours of fun, you will arrive back to collect your child, we ask that parents wait by the locked gate area at the end of the path leading down to the preschool entrance. A member of staff will come out
and open the gates at collection time, should this be 12pm, 12:45pm or 3pm.

We do encourage the children to remain seated at collection time, please go over to them. This stops them getting injured or lost and helps to create an ordely collection routine. Children’s coats, shoes, and lunch bags should be under their chairs along with their reading book, any creations, and letters.

You should have received a link for your Tapestry account, if you haven’t please advise a member of staff.
You will receive regular updates on what your child has been doing/achieving at preschool, in the form of observations via Tapestry. Please add any comments you feel appropriate to these, this will be seen by
your key worker and setting manager.
You are also able to upload photos/videos to your secure Tapestry account, please feel free to do so, we love to see the things the children have been getting up to outside of Preschool.
Once your child has settled into preschool, you will receive an observation titled Next Steps, this will include ideas to try at home to help us all work together towards your childs next step. We encourage parents/carers to upload any evidence they observe outside of preschool towards achieving this next step as we will do the same. Once your key worker is confident your child is achieving this independently then a new next step will be set.
If you have any questions about Observations/Next Steps then please speak to your key worker.

Other information
Once settled your child will receive a reading book and folder, the children are then able to use our reading library. Children are welcome to change their books as they please but we suggest changing their books no more than once per week. Books which need changing should be placed on the registration table and your child will be encouraged to select a new book during the session.
Please could you bring in a family photo to be displayed in our family photo album. The photo album is kept in our book corner and is accessible to your child throughout the session. Your child will be able to use the photo for comfort and to share with their teachers and peers.

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