Session Safety

The main entrance gate and door to the Pre-School are locked during each session, and the door is constantly monitored for activity. We have a door bell located on the Green gate, anyone wishing to gain access to the preschool must use the door bell.

During outside activities, access can only be gained via a locked monitored gate.

Safety checks on premises, both outdoors and indoors, are made before every session.

Children will only leave the group with an authorised adult over 16 only.  There is a collection book at the Pre-School entrance which must be filled in if your child is going home with someone other than the person who brought them that morning.   If staff have not met the person before you must have a password or we can not let your child leave.

If for any reason during a session a parent/carer finds that they are unable to pick up their child and has to ask family or friends to do so in their place, they must ring the Pre-School and inform us and remind the person collecting of the password or we can not allow any child to leave the premisses. (Please see Safe Guarding Children and Child Protection Policy).

We are a nut free group so please do not let your child come to school with any nut products ( peanut butter, crunchy nut flakes, snickers).

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